Be confident. Be compassionate. Be intelligent. Be humble. Be generous. The universe returns to you what you put out.
Lauren Jauregui (via drunkkitchens)
チーズケーキ + 濃厚ベイクドチーズ
濃厚レアチーズ + 5種のチーズを使ったケーキ


You know it’s a good sunset when the water has a pink reflection


from a walk i took on a rainy day

Samezuka’s Medley Team!


Free! Eternal Summer - Episode 9

one gifset per episode  free! eternal summer ep. 06
Hey, Haru-chan! Why don’t we join the swimming club together?


Went to some lake the other day, and took these pics with my phone. It was a lovely day; not to hot, not too cold, and pleasantly cloudy. The water was pretty warm too ~